News and Events

 Booksale on Saturday, August 14, from 10 am – 1 pm

GREAT NEWS:  On tables displayed on the terrace, we will have many paperback books, dvds, cds and many other boxes of books available for your own selection.  Prices vary from 50 cents for paperbacks to $1 for hard back books, dvds, and cds.  Or make your own bag from these selections, $5 for members, $8 for nonmembers.

Credit card purchase available for purchases of over $5.00.  Covid-19 protocol of distancing and masks are expected.

Gilroy Library Commissioner Sumana Reddy’s daughter, Lekha Dubvvoori recently delivered a talk on TED Talks and mentions the Gilroy Library Book Sales and shows a picture of Friends’ book sale coordinator Isabel Jewel.

The Wonder of a Snowflake | Lekha Duvvoori ’18 |

Book Sales are held the 2nd Saturday of each month from 10 am to 1 pm. 

Dates for 2021 are:

  • August 14
  • September 11
  • October 9
  • November 13
  • December 11

Board Meeting Dates 2021  1st Wednesday every other month via Zoom

  • September 1 – General Meeting
  • November 3