Friends of the Gilroy Library

New!  Friends’ Tote Bags!  On sale starting December 1, 2017.  Buy one for yourself and a gift for your friends and family.  Combine with your membership renewal or a gift membership for someone special!  Only $2 while they last!

As FRIENDS, we …

  • promote the public use and community support of the Gilroy Library,
  • foster appreciation of Library’s value as a cultural and educational asset to the community,
  • encourage the extension and improvement of Library services.

Join us!

As shown in the slide show above, Friends of the Gilroy Library contribute to many programs at the Gilroy Library. We’d like to do more. To do that, we will be increasing the price of a bag of books at our Saturday sales and of paperback books.


As of January 1, 2018, book prices will change as follows: Saturday Bag of Book price – Members $5 and Non-members $8.   The price for regular paperback books will be 50 cents each, and both trade paperbacks and large paperbacks will be $1.00 each.  Members will continue to enjoy a 25% discount on all other purchases.

Thank you to all who have contributed to the Friends of the Gilroy Library!  Contributors from Benevity have had their donations doubled (more information here and through YourCause (!  Both new memberships and membership renewals through Paypal, allow us to cut costs!  Financial donations enable us to support the wide ranging Gilroy Library programs.

Thank you!